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Protect Lisa Borders At All Costs


I stumbled on this throwback photo and I can confidently say I’ve never been more optimistic on the future of the WNBA. Look at Lisa Borders pinching Lil Wayne’s cheeks like he’s her nephew.

This what the league needs. Someone who isn’t afraid to grab life by the horns or Lil Wayne by the face. The WNBA (and Lil Wayne) is in good hands. If you don’t trust the current leadership then I’ve got two words for ya…



I’m convinced this is the greatest photo of all time.




Window Shopping: Detroit Shock Edition

*Play This Song While Reading This Post*

My hate with the NBA Store has been well documented on this site. I want to be a billboard for the WNBA. I want to waste my disposable income on WNBA merch but unfortunately most teams don’t have a substantial selection available online, particularly in men’s sizes.

If the WNBA doesn’t want to make it easy for fans to find merch I’ll put the entire league on my back.

This new series “Window Shopping” is where I’ll scrub the bowels of the internet looking for interesting and unique WNBA merchandise for the people.

For the first installment I went inside a time machine and went shopping on eBay for my former hometown team, the Detroit Shock (RIP).

Here are some of the highlights:


Cheryl Ford in a Ford. Unbelievable. It’s this kind of creativity that the bobble head game has been missing. I have Richard Hamilton and Chauncey Billups bobbleheads at my desk at work. I might need to add Cheryl to the crew and hop in her Ford and drive in the fastlane en route to exceeding my sales quota.


The Detroit Shock experienced success most teams would dream of and that success came with many experiences that athletes dream of:

1. White House Visits



Love this photo of George W gripping the orange and white ball. Looks fierce af.

2. Championship Parades


Love the Spirit of Detroit rocking a shock jersey

3. Wheaties Boxes


Finally, the most important of them all being on the cover of a Wheaties Box. The pinnacle of sports success. I never thought I’d be able to find an unopened box of Wheaties commemorating the 2006 Detroit Shock championship but eBay did not disappoint.


These were probably my favorite find of the day. As a guy I have no need for barrettes but I almost wish I had a girlfriend to buy these for. Nothing screams “I’m a bad bitch” more than rocking some brand new mint condition Detroit Shock barrettes.


Swin Cash was my favorite player growing up. Not as unique as the Ford in a Ford bobblehead but a solid add to any bobblehead collection. I’d like to see my two favorite UCONN shooting guards together and I might have to buy this to put next to my Richard Hamilton bobblehead at my desk.


If I hadn’t been following L Bag’s shitty gambling picks from last night I’d jump on this. Best piece of autographed memorabilia I was able to find. Looking at this listing again I almost respect the trolling from the seller asking $170.42 for shipping and handling. This would look awesome framed in any man cave.


Bought this instantly. Just what I was looking for. Nothing better than a climalite shirt.


Almost jumped on this one instantly as well. Braving the bomb cyclone on the east coast has been tough but a Detroit Shock blanket could make things a lot easier.

All in all a great showing for the Detroit Shock on eBay.

Don’t let the NBA store lead you astray there are many hidden gems out there.

Introducing: The Women’s Basketball Smokeshow of the Week

Skylar Diggins

As a proud and outspoken WNBA League Pass subscriber one of the more troubling things you’ll often see on the internet and even hear in arenas during games from males fans is that women’s basketball players are unattractive and “look like men.” There have been countless times where ESPN will tweet out a women’s basketball story only to have the replies be tons of derogatory sexist remarks targeted towards women’s basketball players.

I remember being inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse during the WNBA playoffs watching the Sky face the Fever when a guy behind me kept yelling awful things at players targeting their appearance. Unfortunately, these instances are common, over the top and often times wildly inaccurate.

The goal of these posts are to highlight some of the most attractive women’s basketball players and coaches to hopefully bring some sex appeal to the game and eliminate the common misconception that many men have that women’s basketball players are unattractive.

Pop Off Baby State of The Union

I didn’t know what I was doing when I purchased a WordPress premium account. I got a couple of friends together and essentially went with the mindset of ‘let’s post content that we like and see if we can build something.’ Naturally this lead to a disorganized site without an identity.

I’ve decided to change our course and begin to focus on one thing: Women’s Basketball.

I love Women’s Basketball and want to see the game grow and become everything it can be.

One thing I think the game lacks is a male voice providing unfiltered thoughts. One of the most frustrating things about Women’s Basketball is the inherent sexism it can attract from men. Whenever ESPN posts a tweet about Women’s Basketball it’s generally followed by a bunch of bad attempts to make jokes at Women’s Basketballs expense from men.

Lexie Brown said it best with this tweet:


I obviously can’t end male sexism toward women’s basketball with a website but what I think I can do is try my best to cover the game to the best of my ability and attempt to present the game in a fun way.

I want this to be a one stop shop for women’s basketball.

I’m going to begin covering all NCAA conferences and the WNBA. We’re talking round the clock coverage that ESPN fails to provide. I want to Bag and Tag as many arenas as I can.

The marketplace for women’s basketball content is a joke. Looking at reddit and different facebook communities there is clearly a market for this type of site, someone just needs to deliver the content in one place.

I’m going to be that guy.

A lot of people are probably wondering what the name ‘Pop Off Baby’ means.

I honestly don’t know, it’s fun saying I like to say with my friends and has basically become my catch phrase.

And guess what if you don’t like the name, I’ve got two words for you.


Pop Off Baby logo


Tulane Bros Spotted Wearing WNBA Jerseys Together


What a beautiful sight to behold.

I want to live in a world where men aren’t embarrassed to show off their support for the WNBA together. I want to live in a world where guys are sharing WNBA league pass subscription accounts together like they do for HBOGO and NFL Sunday ticket. I want to live in a world where you can walk into any sporting good store and there is WNBA gear for sale. (FUCK YOU NBA STORE) I want to live in a world where guys are getting together to watch the WNBA finals like the Super Bowl. I want to live in a world free of stigma and judgement for rooting for women’s sports.

An unreal collection of jerseys. My personal favorite being the Swin Cash, Detroit Shock throwback.

An unbelievable photo, hopefully moving forward more photos surface of men wearing WNBA apparel in public.



Introducing: Road Trippin

After paying $100 for a premium WordPress account I’ve been trying to think of new things to feature on the site and one thing came to mind: touring and reviewing the many basketball arenas around the East Coast.

One of the cool things that I haven’t really utilized thus far after living in Boston for a year is taking advantage of the close proximity of all the states around the North East.

While I’ve been to Connecticut to visit Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, I’ve been to Rhode Island to party in Providence, I’ve been to Vermont to ski for the first time…I’ve yet to really take advantage of one of the big things the North East has to offer: a lot of big time basketball that’s all located close together in a small proximity.

I was inspired after re-watching the “Requiem for the Big East” 30 for 30, and I want to attack every kind of basketball the east coast has to offer. I’m talking NBA, WNBA, G League, WNBA, NCAA Men’s Basketball, NCAA Women’s Basketball, Juco, High School. Anything.

Excited to see where this series goes and the gyms it takes to. Hope you enjoy following me along on this adventure as I, L Bag, bag and tag every gym on the east coast.

If you don’t like it…

I’ve got two words for ya…


The NBA Store on 5th Avenue is a Disgrace

This past weekend I traveled to visit my sister who is interning in New York City. I’m originally from the midwest and recently moved to Massachusetts after college for work and have never been to NYC before. Naturally, I was excited to see the NBA store on 5th avenue.

With the Connecticut Sun being the closet WNBA franchise to me, it’s damn near impossible to find any WNBA gear in stores locally. I’ve considered ordering online but with the WNBA ignoring their males fans in the past only manufacturing jerseys in women’s size the last thing I wanted was to end up like the guy you see at every game wearing an old ill-fitting jersey.

Upon entering the NBA store on 5th avenue I was disappointed to realize that in an entire three level store the WNBA occupied one panel on a wall in the back corner of top floor of the store.

If you weren’t looking for the WNBA display, you probably were not going to stumble upon it. I’m not asking for elaborate store fronts dedicated to the WNBA but atleast put a logo on the window or products where people could actually find them.

I think this season in particular the WNBA has made great strides advancing the reach of the league with twitter streams and daily fantasy sports to attract new fans but seeing the way the store was designed it highlighted how far the league still has to go. If the NBA actually cares about advancing the WNBA they should reinvest the money their using to run forced advertisements that borderline on cringeworthy praising WNBA players without actually mentioning their names. The WNBA isn’t going to grow because Kyle Lowry thinks the players have “sick handles.” It doesn’t require big ad spends for the NBA to feature one WNBA product in their NYC storefront. SAD!

Luckily, after searching around the whole store I was able to find an Epiphany Prince jersey on sale.

This weekend I’m traveling to Mohegan Sun to see the Connecticut Sun play the Indiana Fever and I’m very hopeful the merchandise selection is a little better and I’m able to find some Jonquel Jones or Jasmine Thomas gear.

Hard out here for a guy trying to find a WNBA jersey.