Dinosaur from Omaha, NE says “Bitcoin is Rat Poison”

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A local dinosaur in Omaha, NE came out from his cave to tell the press that “bitcoin is rat poison.” Hey Warren, Ive got two words for ya, you old bag.

Taking a step back maybe we should listen to what this dinosaur has to say, he does own 400 million shares of Coca Cola so ole Warren definitely knows a thing or two about selling rat poison to the public. Look at this girl, young innocent, bright future ahead of her drinking Warren’s rat poison moving one step closer to type 2 diabetes.


Seriously, who even gives this bag sound bytes anymore. He’s old af, and doesn’t know how to use an iphone. If you can’t operate an iphone you’re a fucking idiot. Every restaurant in America has 4 year olds playing with iPads at the table.


Warren’s a fucking man child that eats McDonalds everyday but gets heralded as some kind of prophet because he was a fucking loser as a kid reading the encyclopedia instead of being an actual person having fun. I eat McDonalds all the time and my current girlfriend calls me a slob because I’m fat and my cum tastes like fry grease.


Plain and simple this guy sucks, and I’m terrified for him because he’s on my hitlist and I kill my enemies. Ever since Warren Buffet cozied up to N’Damakong Suh and corrupted his brain he’s been dead to me. These old white guys like Buffett and Bob Kraft hanging out with rappers/athletes is strange. I’d love to be a fly on the wall listening to their conversations.


If you hate Bitcoin at this point, youre an idiot and I don’t want you reading PopOffBaby.com. I haven’t met a single person that after spending a tiny bit of time researching cryptocurrency that doesn’t come back thinking this technology has potential to change the world. Buffett was wrong on Google and Amazon and that’s pretty much all you need to know about the guy. He’s a fucking dinosaur from Omaha.