Mo Welch: You’re Not A Real Feminist Unless You Know All The WNBA Teams

All I have to say is if this is the new definition of feminism, then you can call me Susan B Anthony baby pop off. You better believe the B stands for Bag baby pop off. Season starts Friday. 10 PM Wings-Mercury book it. Release the lines Bovada. Release the lines Nitrogen. The season is here baby.


Nick Young Knows How to Improve the WNBA

There we have it folks. Let Instagram models play basketball and the league is saved. Thanks nick. Probably won’t need advertisements on jerseys anymore because the models will sell so much tummy flattening tea and waist trainers the leagues revenue problem will be solved. If only it was this easy. Players will get dehydrated after drinking tummy tea all game will be passing out on the sidelines…

Hey nick young, pop off buddy. I’m going to assume this was an attempt at a joke or I’m just misunderstanding the tweet due to your incoherent typing…but I’m not a huge fan of implying that the way you improve the league is by getting more attractive players. Lick my bag

Swaggy P can pop off. Keep covering the spread or you’ll end up on my shitlist buddy