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I’m dead inside right now. I’ve let you all down. 0-3 last night brining the L Bag win percentage down to 52%. If you’re a noob that’s breaking even with the juice. I didn’t get in the game to break even. I came here for blood and for riches. I’m here to announce that I will be retiring temporarily retiring from gambling until 5/18 when the WNBA tips off.

I can hear the fans growling right now. “L Bag we need you, you’ve put so much money in my pocket. I can’t bankrupt the casino without you. 52% isn’t that bad when you factor in the parlays and odds you gave us on some player props.” Listen up, you fuckers. The lines are tight right now in the NBA playoffs and I don’t give a fuck about baseball or hockey. We’re better off holding off and waiting for the WNBA season to start. I’m itching for the season start.

In terms of the State of the Union, I’m still confused where I want to take this site. Basically, right now it’s me posting picks and popping off about topics that rile me up. I think it’s time to crank this site up. Video content, maybe a little podcasting, something different. This shits boring.

The WNBA needs a personality. That’s what I’m here for baby. POP OFF. All these sites like SwishAppeal and HighPointHoops suck. They’re bland, and regurgitate the same vanilla ice cream takes on the same stories everyday. Congrats you rewrote a press release the WNBA league office put out. The WNBA community needs a bag that’s popping off. A true man of the people. And that’s what I’m here to do, build the L Bag brand. Started on Instagram with Losingflabwithlbag. Taking it to the world.

Tonight I’m going to see Jorja Smith live but after tonight we are taking this site to the next level and if you don’t like I have two motherfucking words for you baby…


Buy a goddamn t shirt

PO baby shirt



Dinosaur from Omaha, NE says “Bitcoin is Rat Poison”

download (1).png

A local dinosaur in Omaha, NE came out from his cave to tell the press that “bitcoin is rat poison.” Hey Warren, Ive got two words for ya, you old bag.

Taking a step back maybe we should listen to what this dinosaur has to say, he does own 400 million shares of Coca Cola so ole Warren definitely knows a thing or two about selling rat poison to the public. Look at this girl, young innocent, bright future ahead of her drinking Warren’s rat poison moving one step closer to type 2 diabetes.


Seriously, who even gives this bag sound bytes anymore. He’s old af, and doesn’t know how to use an iphone. If you can’t operate an iphone you’re a fucking idiot. Every restaurant in America has 4 year olds playing with iPads at the table.


Warren’s a fucking man child that eats McDonalds everyday but gets heralded as some kind of prophet because he was a fucking loser as a kid reading the encyclopedia instead of being an actual person having fun. I eat McDonalds all the time and my current girlfriend calls me a slob because I’m fat and my cum tastes like fry grease.


Plain and simple this guy sucks, and I’m terrified for him because he’s on my hitlist and I kill my enemies. Ever since Warren Buffet cozied up to N’Damakong Suh and corrupted his brain he’s been dead to me. These old white guys like Buffett and Bob Kraft hanging out with rappers/athletes is strange. I’d love to be a fly on the wall listening to their conversations.


If you hate Bitcoin at this point, youre an idiot and I don’t want you reading I haven’t met a single person that after spending a tiny bit of time researching cryptocurrency that doesn’t come back thinking this technology has potential to change the world. Buffett was wrong on Google and Amazon and that’s pretty much all you need to know about the guy. He’s a fucking dinosaur from Omaha.



FunFair Technologies Announces Partnership with Spike Games


In a press release Wednesday afternoon, FunFair Technologies made the announcement of partnership with Spike Games. FunFair and Spike will be working collaboratively to develop new versions of existing games built on the blockchain.

The first game in the pipeline, the companies are looking to revamp is ‘Alice Cooper’s School’s Out for Summer’

The newly revamped games will be added to FunFair’s suite of blockchain powered casino games. The partnership is designed to refine APIs to help developers better integrate gaming content on the FunFair platform in the future. Once the new games go live, Spike Games will be paid out in FUN tokens at the end of each session.

This seems like a great move for FUN. While Spike may not be huge players in the online game developing industry it’s a great step in the right direction towards broadening their game portfolio outside of traditional casino games.

Spike will be able to help provide a more entertaining, mobile friendly experience that FUN needs and should help be able to draw in new audiences.

Overall, I’m very excited about this partnership.

Jez San and the team at FUN continue to deliver while most of their competition continues to produce nothing more than Smoke and Mirrors.


FunFair price as of 4/22/18 at 9:38 am EST via



L Bag’s Pick of The Day (3/26)-Muff Diving to San Antonio

I took yesterday off the gambling train after that motherfucker Lenny Hamilton buried me. I took an edible last night and wiped my brain of any remaining brain cells/losing mojo so today we are rocking and rolling and are back, better than ever.

I’ve been consulted by high school friends to provide guidance into tonight’s NCAA Women’s Basketball slate to help fund their trip to San Antonio to watch their beloved Michigan Wolverines play in the final four.

First things first, I hate Michigan mainly because of Mo Wagner, his tongue and because I’m a grudge guy that will hold a grudge forever after they denied my application. The only way Mo can redeem himself to me is if he put his tongue to good use and licks the side of Sister Jean’s face like Rick James on Chappelle’s Show.


As the undisputed ‘King of the G League’ I’ll have to learn to like Wagner because he’s going to bring an international appeal to the league that we desperately need. Watching the Big Ten Tournament was like G League porn just thinking about the future battles between Isaac Haas and Moe Wagner. I’m salivating right now as I write this…

After reading that you’re probably wondering am I salty that I went to a blue-blood school that hasn’t sniffed a final four and these fuckers are walking to the championship game playing a 9 seed in the elite 8 and a 11 seed in the final four??? You better believe am I. All I have to say is that if you don’t believe your personal net worth is determined by how much Bitcoin you own, the amount of bets you won or how well your alma matters basketball team does in March Madness you probably went to clown college.

Fun Fact: Indiana had an opportunity to hire Beilein over Kelvin Sampson but didn’t because they thought he was “too old”…

Thanks a lot Bart Kaufman.

Atleast we got Tom Crean years later, because just like the old saying goes, final fours are temporary but memes last forever.


Onto the picks…


UCONN destroyed South Carolina early in the season and is likely influencing the massive -18.5 line. Geno Auriemma’s real name is Luigi and I personally refuse to trust him until he goes by Luigi. For that reason, I’m out. UCONN only beat Duke in the sweet 16 by 13 points where they had massive matchup advantages over Duke particularly in the post. When I wasn’t distracted by the love of my life Lexie Brown…


I was noticing weakness on the inside that A’ja Wilson will likely exploit for the Cocks. To put it simply, 18.5 is a shit ton of points to give UCONN playing against South Carolina. Unless, UCONN comes out with a massive chip on their shoulder after South Carolina stole a title from them last year I’d stay away from this matchup.

I’m all over Notre Dame -3. Oregon’s a fraud team. They have had an incredibly easy road up until this point playing against a 15, 11 and 10 seed to get to the elite 8. If my guy Kevin McGuff wasn’t a total bum he would be in this game.


Sidebar: McGuff is a fraud and I hate him. Guy looks like a poor man’s Jimmy Fallon. No one consistently does less with more talent than Kevin McGuff. Kelsey Mitchell not making it past a Sweet 16 is a tragedy. The Buckeyes have underachieved with arguably the best scorer in the country and a roster littered with 5 star transfers year after year and this should be an indictment of McGuff’s coaching abilities. Guy sucks, plain and simple.

Muffet McGraw doesn’t fuck around in March. She hates men that like women’s basketball but I love her. Plain and simple The Muff is a certified bad bitch, and when she pulls out the stilettos it’s game time baby.



Arike Ogunbowale and Jackie Young are going to be feasting on Ducks tonight. I’m all over Notre Dame -3, betting two tanks of gas on the Irish.


We are Muff Diving all the way to San Antonio baby.


Year to date (3-3-0)

Bovada Has Answered Women’s Basketball Fans Prayers!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 6.52.16 PM

God might be real boys..

Lets fucking go. NCAA Women’s Basketball lines are just what the doctor ordered. I’ve never seen NCAAW lines before on Bovada. Love this. Letting people gamble on NCAAW could be good for the game increasing viewership. Hopefully this is a good sign for the future where other books begin to list lines for NCAAW games.