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“Boys”-Charli XCX

If liking this song is gay, then I’m Kevin Spacey. A straight man playing this nonstop is weird I guess but I cant get enough of it. Just a fun song by Charli XCX.


I Need To Get Back Into Hockey ASAP


Wow, that’s all I can say.

I haven’t watched a second of NHL hockey this year but after seeing the anthem singer’s outfit she brought out during the Senators-Avalanche game in Stockholm, Sweden it’s painfully obvious I’m missing out on something.

In the midst of anthem controversies in other pro sports leagues the NHL might have figured things out. If you want the players to take the anthem seriously these are the kinds of tactics you have to put in place.

I’m fully erect looking at this right now. If the NHL can promise this type of quality programming you can sign me up for 82 games plus the playoffs.

It might be time for me to pull my Dominik Hasek jersey out of the closet and start tuning into the Redwings again because I’m clearly missing hockey in my life.