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Sports Betting is Legal. POP OFF

Almost fell out of my chair getting this notification. We’re dancing in the streets baby. POP OFF. Big big day. Supreme Court ruling was 7-2 overturning a federal ban that has stood since 1992. A truly historic day in sports. I’m so excited right now.


Old Lenny Hamilton Murdered Me Last Night.

leonard-hamilton-march-madnessLenny Hamilton knew the spread last night and killed me. Murdered me, ran me over with his truck and had the motherfucking Florida State  racist mascot do the dumbass chop over my dead carcass while they lowered me 6 feet under.


How the fuck you not foul against michigan, the worst free throw shooting team in the tournament, down 4 with 11 seconds left??? Quitters don’t deserve to win and thats why Beilein and the boys are heading to San Antonio and Lenny is back in Florida doing bath salts thinking of ways to legalize drugs in Hamsterdam.

Makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Could the see the backdoor cover coming a mile a way when these phantom threes start falling for FSU and the slug Zavier Simpson can’t hit a free throw to save his life.

Michigan -4.5 has probably lowered my life expectancy by a few years and I blame it all on Lenny Hamilton. Lenny knew the spread and didnt want to piss off alums that had FSU +4.5 and send Duncan Robinson, the only wolverine that’s half way competent free throw shot, to the free throw line.

You murdered me Lenny, I hope you’re happy.

L Bags Picks of The Day (3/23)

Boom. We are rocking and rolling baby driving out of parlay city printing money like the us treasury baby. POP OFF. Don’t let me get hot. I might bankrupt the casino.

Villanova v Georgetown

Villanova -5.5 (-115)

Purdue -1.5 (-115)

Couldn’t just pick one, there’s a shockingly so many Purdue music videos, need a spotify playlist for all these bangers

Year to Date: (2-2-0)

L Bag Late Night Live Bet Chasing Losses Special (3/22)

I’m absolutely sick of this bitch Sister Jean dancing on my grave. Had three separate parlays come down to Tennessee -5.5 in the first weekend and Sister Jean fucks me. Trusting Rick Barnes that’s on me. Rick Barnes is a fucker and he’s dead to me. His coaching career should’ve ended when he couldn’t make it out of the first round of the tournament with Kevin Durant. Yes, you read that right Kevin motherfucking Durant a once and a generation scorer but Rick the Dick Barnes couldn’t make it out of the first weekend. 3rd times the charm and I will bet against whoever Loyola is playing in the elite 8 because I have a small brain and I want to defeat Sister Jean.

Toronto blew a huge lead last night and got daddy dicked by Lebron, bringing me to 0-2 over the past two days before that beautiful bastard John Beilein absolutely murdered the Over 136 line. I’m honestly questioning if Billy Kennedy watched a Michigan game all year. The formula to beat that team is to play bully ball and hope Stephen Ross doesn’t pay off the refs like in the Houston game, not let them tee off on you with open threes. But hey, maybe that’s why Billy is coaching and I’m cashing winners baby. POP OFF.

I’m 1-2 and my juices are flowing you know what that means. We’re going on a one way trip to parlay city. Chasing losses like you read about with live bets. Two ingredients that generally combine for disappointment.

We are rocking with:


Kentucky live team total U 68.5 and


Gonzaga/Florida St Under 153.5

Parlay for +257. Let’s rock.

Year to Date: (1-2-0)

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