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“Boys”-Charli XCX

If liking this song is gay, then I’m Kevin Spacey. A straight man playing this nonstop is weird I guess but I cant get enough of it. Just a fun song by Charli XCX.


Vincent Van Gogh-The Free Afternoon Party

“I think life is changing me, I need life to change for me…”

Loving this new release from The Free Afternoon Party, a great follow up to their latest project “Cries From My Generation,” only building anticipation for their newest project “Late Night Secrets” being released on October 31.

Outside of their music, one of the main things that drew me to liking The Free Afternoon Party was their commitment to addressing social issues.

They have recently released two clothing collections on their website dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer and eliminating stigma’s surrounding mental illness that are worth checking out.