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Lil Dicky and the Golden Gophers fall to Nebraska 78-68

lil dicky

Is Lil Dicky coaching for his job? Just an absolute stinker of a loss to start conference play after almost pulling off the impossible and losing a 3 on 5 game vs Alabama. At one point Nebraska was up by 16 points lead by Glynn Watson Jr who scored 20 of his 29 points in the second half.

I have a hour long commute to work everyday and this morning my mind was all over the place thinking of ways I could help the Pitinos and I’ve come to one conclusion. The Pitino’s need to take a page out of another great Italian crime family’s playbook and hire a white guy on their staff ala Tom Hagen.


I want to be that guy. Seems like an ideal job, all you have to do is think of new schemes to pay players/escorts and keep track of where all the bodies are buried. And believe I have ideas.

Papa Pitino can’t be happy seeing Lil Dicky blow a game to that nerd Tim Miles. When Papa Pitino gets his second chance I’ll be there to help him get back to winning. The only thing I’m worried about is where are we going to put all the championship rings once we run out of fingers.

I’ll be sharing my ideas on here to the world in a new series “Saving Pitino,” on how I will be working to restore the once great Pitino family name.


If Women Hate A-Rod for Being a Couch Potato Bum Then I’m Fucked


A-Rod’s former girlfriend Anne Wojciki’s mom Esther recently went to the New York Times with some Inside Baseball information on her daughter’s former relationship with A-Rod. All I’ve got to say is that if A-Rod can’t get away with watching sports for 10 hours a day then I’m fucked.

My literal dream is to retire and spend my all my time watching basketball, handicapping games. Vacations will center around time spending time in sports books. Planning get-togethers will be planned around games. I went home for Thanksgiving and my Mom had the audacity to plan a family get-together with my grandpa during the Ohio State-Michigan game.

Women just don’t understand…

Living in the Northeast and not participating in any winter activities like snowboarding has led to me becoming a total bum throughout the winter wasting every dying second watching college basketball.

If a multi-millionaire retired athlete cant get away with this then a average bub from the Midwest definitely can’t.

All I got to say is that A-Rod dodged a serious bullet.

Ditching this…

Anne Wojcicki

For this…


That’s a come up for the ages if I’ve ever seen one.

If you’re a hot, ambitious, smart, funny, single lady that doesn’t mind a guy that likes to watch sports 10 hours a day, my DMs are open.

BREAKING NEWS: God is real, G-League Lines Spotted on Bovada


Just when I thought I was officially #done with Bovada, they pull me right back in and answer my degenerate dreams.

Volume 1 of Baggin and Taggin will be released shortly where I popped my G League cherry in beautiful Portland, Maine watching Kadeem Allen and the mighty Maine Red Claws take on the Erie Bayhawks.

My main takeaway from the game was that I love the G League and want to watch more of it. Most importantly, I want to gamble on it. I had a lot of trouble locating lines for G League on various online books before receiving a tip on twitter that Bovada had lines released for today’s G-League slate.

The only thing better than watching some good old fashioned clown ball where defense is frowned upon and stat stuffing is encouraged, is being able to gamble on said clown ball.

I’m going to be a shoe-in election for the Mayor of Over City. If you’re missing my blogs in the coming days don’t worry I’m not dead. You’ll be able to find me over on Facebook live soaking in the G League experience.

UPDATE: I’m officially locked in for my first G-League bet. Over 203.5 in the Red Claws/Drive. Let’s fucking go!!!


MGM Planning to Build a Sports book at the Borgata in Atlantic City

More great news that can only make you more hopeful for the widespread legalization of gambling across America. Since my move to Boston last June, I’ve yet to make a trip to Atlantic City to explore what remains of the once great gambling city. Heard countless stories from my relatives about driving all night from the midwest to get to the opening of the Playboy Club.

For me, this is enough to get me to Atlantic City.

A quick few drive to AC to people to enjoy a NFL weekend legally without having to deal with a shitty local college bookie or an offshore online book.

Huge news, very happy to see the east coast on the fore front of this movement with this news as well as Pennsylvania’s Online Gaming Reform Bill. 

Bovada is a Fraud Organization


Last night I got a text from my one best gambling buddies that he was able to lock in a bet live on Bovada for Michigan with +1400 odds. I thought I was out of the game after losing the bet to end all bets but these are the type of texts that pull me right back in the game when I thought I was out. I had just changed into workout clothes and was stretching out getting ready to go workout and develop some happy habits. Next thing I know I’m darting to my computer as fast as possible to try and catch this action while it was still on the table.

I promptly deposited 50 bucks to lock in a bet on Michigan at +1200. After watching the line move for a couple minutes it wasn’t changing and of course I wanted to double down so I deposited 60 more dollars.

One minute Im out of the game, retired from gambling, the next I’m depositing left and right to lock in last minute action.

A few minutes later, I noticed the bets have been settled and my account has been credited.


Devastation sets in…

I personally think it’s bullshit, that Bovada can claim a system error when they make a mistake and walk away scotch free while not honoring players bets. It’d be really nice if every time I lost a series of bets drunk I could claim my phone had a system error and get all of my money back.

It’s things like this that highlight why gambling needs to be legalized ASAP. I’m sick of dealing with fraud offshore books like Bovada. Need Donald Trump to get the job done for the people.

The Bet To End All Bets Has Commenced

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 7.34.41 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-11 at 7.34.46 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-11 at 7.34.51 PM


Made the bets to end all bets with my remaining bovada balance with the goal of winning and paying off my credit card.

Didnt expect to lose the Michigan/Maryland Over 46.0 bet by one point.

Fuck Quinn Nordin and anyone who loves him for missing that field goal at the end of the first half.

Im officially retired from gambling until I’m out of credit card debt…

Sad Ill have to be frugal for two months to get out of this hole…


How does Maryland not take a timeout at the end of the game to force Michigan to take a field goal?!?!?!

Losers mentality by DJ Durkin not trying to get more points on the scoreboard. Thats why Maryland will remain irrelevant in the Big Ten.


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