Drift, Drift, Drift

I have a playlist saved on Spotify called “4thebedroom.” The playlist is exactly designed the way the title sounds, it’s a collection of songs that are intended to get the bedroom into a sexual mood with the lady’s taste in mind. I’m talking about heavy rotations of 90s R&B. Does 90s R&B get my sexual juices flowing?!?!?


Do you want to know what does?

“Tokyo Drift” by the Teriyaki Boyz.

I don’t care where I am: a CVS, a wedding, a doctor’s office when I hear those bells at the beginning of the song I’m going from 6 to midnight. If that song is playing the deviant is coming out and when I saw Simone Biles popping around shaking her ass to “Tokyo Drift” it got your boi going (respectfully) on a Saturday morning. As a proud member of the illustrious Paul Walker Memorial Cup it was truly beautiful to see.

Play the music fellas. Have yourself a weekend

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