Men of Culture and Taste

Every four years the NCAA allows basketball programs to make an international trip. These trips give coaches the ability to evaluate talent in a competitive setting against international competition while giving the players the chance to experience new culture abroad.

When I think of international culture and cuisine the first thing that comes to my mind is the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas.

I have to tip my cap to Mike Woodson because this is an all time bag move. While other programs have used the trips as an opportunity to see the globe, Woodson is letting the boys hit the casino and the waterslides. As a bag, I love seeing a guy get a job and immediately booking an all expenses paid vacation at a resort. As a fan, I wish we were playing against competition in a country that’s produced more than 7 NBA players since 1946.

Whatever, I’m not pissing on Mike’s parade. This a bag move. I’d be lying though if I said this destination choice didn’t have me questioning if greatness will finally be restored.

This trip will only be a success if the people can get a photo of Woodson kissing a dolphin

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