Some Guys Just Know…

Last night I stayed up late into the night tracking a Charlotte Hornets Team Total Over 111.5 bet. As many know, this adventure ended in disappointment. I spent at least one hour following the loss watching Nick Saban clips to try and find the motivation to be a better man. After seeing this quote this morning, it’s clear that I’m looking to the wrong coach for wisdom. As a Lions fan, I am so back and forth on this guy. On one hand, I love the quotes and on the other I hate that he was on the 0-16 Lions team. Personally, I think there should be a permanent ban from all Lions facilities and events put on all members of the 0-16 team. If every sound byte from your coach is making it to Barstool you probably hired the wrong guy.

I don’t know why I expect anything else from the Ford family. In the words of Dan Campbell, a “true alpha knows when it’s time to concede” and I’m conceding once for all as a Lions fan. It’s time to embrace failure and just retweet these dumb ass quotes to try and have some fun for a change and I advise all Lions to do the same thing.

P.S. Message to the Fords, I saw your new Bronco out in the wild. Dan Campbell announced as head coach level of disappointment for your boy. I truly was excited after seeing all the initial teaser vids but in person the new Bronco looks like straight Toyota Highlander shit. Disgusting.

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