Embrace the Script

Late last week, Indiana Women’s Basketball picked up a big win over Ohio State to move comfortably into second place in the Big Ten. The real highlight of the game had nothing to do with the play on the floor but everything to do with the jerseys on the court.

Look at that damn script Indiana across Ali Patberg’s chest. Sexy as hell. Some will say, Archie Miller could learn a lot from the women’s program as they’re competing for a big ten title. I agree with these people. As a general rule I won’t talk about things I don’t know, so I won’t dive into the basketball intricacies of why they’re playing so much better. What I do know is fireflames jerseys.

It’s time for Indiana Men’s Basketball to embrace the script Indiana logo on their uniforms. Indiana Men’s Basketball is stuck in the past and it’s time to embrace the future and that future starts with changing the uniforms. If I was leading the pirate ship the team would be rolling out different color ways and combinations every game like Oregon. If I was leading the pirate ship I’d raffle off the opportunity for fans to design jerseys the players wear for a game like they’re designing MyTeam jerseys in NBA 2k. It’s time for a change.

The skells in the comment section are using their parent’s credit cards to buy a Ja Morant jersey to wear to the first post-pandemic Lollapalooza while I’m scouring Alibaba trying to find a likeminded Hoosier printing off bootleg Ali Patberg script Indiana jerseys. We are not the same.

Wake up Archie Miller. Roll out the script uniforms. Hoosier nations needs them and we needed them yesterday

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