Lead by Example

I’ve never been a big fan of Giannis. It’s nothing personal to him, I’m just a short guy with a big time bias towards shorter players who weren’t blessed with freak bodies. However, where I lack in height I make up for in good looks and brain power. I am an open minded man and this clip has me tuned into Giannis.

As a totals bettor this is all I want from players. Play until the game is over. Nothing makes me sicker than a game ending with 35 seconds left where both teams will waste a possession holding the ball for turnovers as the clock expires. In the analytics era there’s no reason to dribble out the clock and take turnovers. Take a shot and pad your stats for the boyz back home on the over.

It’s simple.

Lead by example and the sheep will follow.

Giannis gets that.

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