Just the Tip – January 10, 2021 (Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors)

Let’s start off with the obvious, the Raptors suck. They’re 2-6 and are giving up points at an alarming rate. In each of their last 4 games, the Raptors game total has gone over 234 points. The Warriors are a hot team, winning five of their last seven games. Stephen Curry is back and this team of misfits is starting to play well on the back of his success. Draymond is dunking on the twitter skells, a truly beautiful sight to see. Despite the injuries and limited talent on their roster, the Warriors are starting to feel like the Warriors again.

Even with a buster like Andrew Wiggins in the lineup the Warriors have been a fun team to watch, they like to play fast and get up a lot of shots. It’s why I believe they will thrive playing at the frenetic clown ball pace that the Raptors are going to want to play at. This will either be an absolutely disgusting game to watch or an over bag’s wet dream. It’s why I’m keyed in on the over 233.5.

The Warriors have gone over 234 in 2 of their last 4 games. Full transparency, this is mainly a gut pick. I’ve watched both of these play this year and they’re my kind of teams, meaning they score a lot of points and play limited defense. While the sample size for the above referenced trends is not as large as I’d like them to be, I’m going to take a dive and bet the over. If a team looks like a clown ball team and smells like a clown ball team then they’re probably a clown ball team.

Fortunately for the bags at home we’re looking at two clown ball teams in this match up. Credit to Draymond, I don’t know the science of basketball. I don’t hide behind analytics to pretend I know the game like most of the twitter skells out there but I do know clown ball.

Lock it in: Raptors/Warriors Over 233.5. We’re going scarf shopping with our winnings.

Today’s Picks: Raptors/Warriors Over 233.5 risking 1.1 Units to win 1 unit. Bulls Team Total Over 107.5 risking 1.1 Units to win 1 Unit

Last Pick: 1/9 Suns/Pacers Over 216.0 risking 1.1 Units to win 1 Unit

Just the Tip’s 2021 Record ATS: 3-2-0 +0.9 Units

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