Just the Tip – January 10, 2021 (Chicago Bulls vs LA Clippers)


On last edition of Just the Tip, we gave the people a very easy cover with Over 216 in the Suns- Pacers game. I’m using the same logic for today’s pick. I’m keyed in on the Bulls versus the Clippers. The Bulls have a short handed roster with Satoransky, Marrkanen, Hutchinson and Archidiacano all sitting out of the final game of their four game West Coast trip. The Baby Bulls have played with incredible heart during this trip but have lost all three games. The name of the game for the Bulls to have any kind of chance in this game is pace, where they currently rank third in the league. This team is a clown ball young team led by Zach Lavine that likes to play fast and get up a zillion shots. In seven of their last eight games the Bulls have scored 108 or more points. This fact alone is why I’m keyed in on Bulls Team Total Over 107.5.

I hate the Clippers. They’re perennial frauds. Playoff P was getting bullied by Devin Booker last week and I expect the Bulls to bully the Clippers and dictate the pace of the game. Haters will say “L Bag, the Clippers play extremely slow what are you thinking?” I’m thinking you can pop off.

The Clippers are sliding downwards losing 3 of their last 5 games where they have allowed 108 or more points to their opponents in 2 of their last 3 games. The Bulls will dictate the pace of play. I’m not scared of a Lebron-less Ty Lue. Bulls Team Total Over 107.5 lock it in.

Today’s Pick: Bulls Team Total Over 107.5 risking 1.1 Units to win 1 Unit

Last Pick: 1/9 Suns/Pacers Over 216.0 risking 1.1 Units to win 1 Unit

Just the Tip’s 2021 Record ATS: 3-2-0 +0.9 Units

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