Dream Job

I was watching “Leaving Las Vegas” and started digging around the worldwide web afterwards and stumbled upon this tidbit. Talk about the gig of a lifetime. I’ve listened to the ‘Talking Sopranos’ podcast a lot during the past 6 months and the saddest part of the pod is remembering that most of these guys aren’t actual mobsters but in reality are actually theatre nerds. Truly, an earth shattering realization for a bag like me. It disgusts me to my core hearing Michael Imperioli talk about symbolism. I’ve adopted the #10YardsLifestyle and have been off the piss but I would gladly jump back on the horse to be a “drinking coach” for a theatre nerd. Truly a dream job.

Dear Hollywood,

If you’re reading this and I’m sure you are, I will teach any actors how to be a piece of shit. Cut the check. I’m ready to get to work.

Warm Regards,
L Bag

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