The Next Billy Mays

As the number one refurbished Bowflex salesman in North America there is nothing I respect more than a good pitchman. I love a guy that can sling product. Last night as I was watching the Celtics play against the Miami Heat I was asking myself the question, “where is Romeo Langford?”

I did some investigative journalism on Instagram.com and have found him dropping the hottest sponsored posts I’ve seen since Billy Mays was slinging Oxyclean. Look at this guy:

High quality jacket. Low quality pictures. It doesn’t matter because Romeo’s getting paid. I have a rule at PopOffBaby.com that a photoshop that takes longer than 5 minutes is a photoshop that is not worth completing. I’d imagine Romeo has the same mindset for sponsored posts. I love it, and it’s making me want to buy a North Face. The kid doesn’t give af and it’s beautiful.

P.S. could’ve found a higher quality pic for the cover photo but like Romeo I’m a very very busy man with a lot of stuff going on.

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