Prop Watch – Shaun Wade/DeVonta Smith

Hey Shaun Wade, I’ve got two words for you pal…


Wade got stuffed into a trash can versus one of my guys Ty Fryfogle and he thinks he’s ready for DeVonta Smith?!?!? Joe Biden needs to get the printers ready at the treasury to get bigger stimmy checks sent out ASAP. I’m thinking about donating plasma to put more money on DeVonta Smith over props for yardage. Guy is a buster.

Look at this…

Guy stinks. More and more IU football disrespect from Kevin Warren and the crooked big ten. It makes me sick. My only tip for my followers is to raise your antennas and start paying attention. The facts are the facts, Shaun Wade is a sucker and he should not be giving anyone bulletin board material to anyone let alone the Heisman trophy winner.

Keep your eyes out for Devonta Smith props, he’s going to eat this guy.

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