Just the Tip – January 5, 2021 (Toledo vs Kent State)

We started off 2021 on a low note with the Clippers Team Total Over 112.5 not hitting versus the Jazz on 1/1. After seeing these clips I have made the executive decision to put the Clippers on several classified lists for my followers to stay away from.

Paul George is simply not a leader of men. He has finally caught on to the fact that everyone in the Association thinks Playoff P is not to be taken seriously. It’s sad to see in real time. He’ll either rise or fall but my guess is he’ll fall. History tells us that Paul George can’t back up his words with play. Paul will light up some shitty team for 35 points on 25 shots and act like he’s back but D-Book and PopOffBaby.com know the truth, Playoff P is a buster, a sucker and a fraud. Buyer beware with the LA Clippers. I should have learned this lesson in the bubble but I was distracted watching the King break the picket lines to win Mickey Mouse rings. Onto the pick…

There isn’t a greater joy than watching day time college basketball on company time. Personally, I think more games should be staggered into the day time throughout the work week. Office workers everywhere deserve it. You have no idea the sacrifices me and my comrades have made working from home. I’m working double time now with a jam packed schedule of 2k21 and jerking off that didn’t clog my calendar pre-pandemic. Guys like me need a break from working so hard. Thank god for the MAC having marquee matchups between Toledo and Kent State tipping off at 2:00 PM EST.

Today I’m keyed in on Toledo +3. Toledo has opened the year with an 8-3 record. This is their best start to a season in MAC play since starting 7-0 in 2006-07. Toledo is emerging as a favorite team to win the MAC and this game has revenge game written all over it. Last season, Kent State won both games against the Rockets. Fortunately for Toledo bettors, this year is different. Kent State has started the year 3-2 and are 0-1 in MAC play. Toledo is led by senior guard Marreon Jackson and I know Mr. Jackson isn’t graduating from an esteemed university like Toledo without a win against the Golden Flashes.

Why is Kent State a 3 point favorite??? No one knows. My only conclusion is this fire flames floor design is giving them a 3 point bump. It’s distracting, mesmerizing and too damn cool. My only worry is that the Rockets players spend too much time staring at the floor instead of scoring baskets. Look at this thing, it’s beautiful.

As you can see below, 2021 is going to be the year of Ohio.

Ohio is back and it’s time to add Toledo Men’s Basketball to this list. Toledo is running the MAC. Book it. Revenge game. Lock it in Toledo +3.


Today’s Pick: Toledo +3 1.1 Units to win 1 Unit

Last Pick: 1/1 LA Clippers TT Over 112.5. 1 Unit to win 1 Unit.

Just the Tip’s 2021 Record ATS: 0-1-0 -1.0 Units


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