Just the Tip – January 1, 2021 (LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz)

After an extremely cold finish to 2020 I’ve decided that we are #back. It’s also time to do a little seasonal cleaning and wash the record clean and start over. Here’s a little history lesson for the new followers as I’ve oddly seen some old posts of “Just the Tip” getting a lot of random likes on WordPress recently:

The first episode of “Just the Tip” was published on April 5, 2020 as a one-off content gift to my closest lieutenants. The second episode was published on September 7, 2019 before I began regularly posting picks around January 2020 before corona virus took away all sports in early March that put a halt on the program. I’ve used the same record the entire time and ended with a modest 58-46 record ATS.

We can do much better. A profitable 55.7% winning percentage is impressive to some but the goal here has always been the same…


A percentage we were hitting consistently prior to corona. It’s a new year and it’s time to reset the record. I’ve been in the lab studying and I think we are ready to start off the year with a bang. I am still living with my parents in a greenscreen-less setup and until Bowflex HQ requests my in-person services back at HQ, you can expect all picks to be in blog form versus the older more entertaining video form. I apologize for this but it’s the only way I’m comfortable posting these. More selfish men than me would use this situation as an excuse to not post winners. Fortunately, for you the only thing I care about more than pageviews is money. I will not sleep until my followers are printing money faster than Steve Mnuchin and the fellas at the FED.

Onto the picks…

Today I am keyed in on the Clippers vs the Jazz. The Jazz are on a back to back. They lost last night to the Suns and looked very sloppy as they fell to 2-2. The Clippers are white hot starting the year 4-1 and scoring at a very high clip. In each of their 4 wins this season the Clippers have scored over 112.5 points with their lowest winning team total being 116 points. Their past two games have seen totals rise over 120 points. I love that this team total is at +100 odds. I’m keyed in on Clippers TT Over 112.5. I think they should be able to keep their hot stretch of scoring going against a tired Jazz team.

Lock it in LA Clippers TT Over 112.5. 1 Unit to win 1 Unit.

Just the Tip’s 2021 Record ATS: 0-0-0 +0.0 Units

It’s a new year. Let’s get back to doing what we do best. Printing friggin money baby.


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