Just the Tip – December 9, 2020 (Maryland vs Clemson)

We started off the college basketball season poorly shooting off losing bets with reckless abandon. “Just the Tip” is sitting at a very average 58-45 against the spread. The only thing more average than my record is my girl AOC’s merch game. This is the worst shirt I’ve seen in a long time. I expected a lot more from AOC.

I’ve recently returned to Troy, MI from a month long hiatus in Naples, FL. Naples has the perfect mix of Florida, affluence and old people making it the capital of ‘Make America Great Again’ country. I spent the month driving around the community blaring Chief Keef at ungodly volumes, out of my Dad’s fully loaded GMC Yukon. An act of political bravery in the face of the opposition, that is more heroic and effective than using your parent’s credit card to buy a 58 dollar “Tax the Rich” crewneck like most of AOC’s supporters. I’m a hero and a political icon. If AOC knew what was best for her we would be dating and I wouldn’t even have to ask for her to send me a box of every piece of merch in her store (I wear a Large).

One of the things I do miss about Naples is the blatant sugar daddy/escort culture. It’s prevalent everywhere in the city. Any where you go you’ll see old guys walking around with dime piece young chicks where you’re stuck asking yourself is that his daughter or a new lady on the payroll? Losers and haters judge these guys. I do not. Assuming no trafficking or foul play is involved (looking at you Bob Kraft), it’s nice to see the fellas having shameless fun for a change. The goal here is always the same, to put money into your pocket so my followers can also experience the same luxuries that come with success.

On to the picks…

Today I’m keyed in on Maryland vs Clemson. Specifically Maryland TT Over 63.5. This is a very low total for Maryland. The Terps have gone over 64 in each of their first four games with their lowest point total being 79. Clemson has held two of their opponents SC State and Mississippi State under 64 points but I’m not worried. The Big Ten has owned the ACC during the ACC/Big Ten challenge and I expect that to continue tonight. Clemson is one of the worst rebounding teams in the country. They’re ranked 209th in the country for rebounds on the season and 239th in the country for rebounds per game. Both of their leading rebounders are guards under 6’5. Maryland’s length will cause problems for Clemson on the glass and I expect them to capitalize. Clemson likes to jack threes. They’re a live by the three, die by the three team. A brutal combo for a team that struggles to rebound. The shortest player in Maryland’s starting lineup is Eric Alaya at 6’5. I think Clemson will have trouble shooting over these long guards. Tonight they will die by the three.

The main factor I’m worried about is the crowd. Clemson is letting people in to the game and is expected to have around 2000 fans. Maryland has yet to play in front of a real crowd and even a limited capacity crowd could rattle these guys. Hakim Hart has started to pop off coming off the bench for Maryland and I expect him to continue his hot streak tonight. I love low totals like this. Lock it in Maryland Team Total Over 63.5

Maryland Team Total Over 63.5

Just the Tip’s Record Against the Spread 58-45.


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