Just the Tip – November 27, 2020 (Ohio vs Illinois)

I like the way Game 1 is progressing, Gonzaga is popping off on pace for 100 points like I expected…

With that being said, it’s time to lock in a second pick of the day. Following the trend of Game 1 backing national forces I’m keyed in on Illinois in Game 2. Heard it here first, by the end of the season they won’t be calling him Brad Underwood anymore, his name will be Brad Overwood

All you need to know about Illinois is this…

Look at this guy.

Bonafide man child like you read about. I have a theory, that has yet to be proven, that every single player and staff member of my Indiana Hoosiers needs to gain 15 pounds in order to win in the big ten.

Look at Archie’s face here. He’s getting way too thin. Fat face Archie landed Romeo Langford. Skinny face Archie is landing guys that look like wannabe Tik Tokers…

Unacceptable, guy’s like this will get eaten alive by men like Dosunmu in the Big Ten.

Ayo Dosunmu is a man and you’re not going to find very many opportunities to find a line under 80 points this season for the Illini. Lock it in Illinois Team Total Over 79.5.


Just the Tip’s Record’s Against the Spread: 58-43 with the over in Auburn/Gonzaga pending.

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