Just the Tip – November 26, 2020 (Villanova vs Arizona State)

Yesterday we finished with a very average 2-2 on this website with Xavier TT 2H Over 39.5, Fairfield 1H TT Over 24.5 winning and Oakland 1H TT Over 28.5 and Lamar/Houston Over 138.5 losing moving Just the Tip to 57-42 against the spread. Like I said yesterday, it was frustrating to deal with typical Kelvin Sampson deception as star Caleb Mills was kept off the injury report only to receive a DNP. To make matters worse, Lamar killed me in the first half. Look at this box score…

A classic tale of two halves…

Lamar Cardinals fans across the nation should be counting their lucky stars that I did not launch a PopOffBaby.com 1H 30 point challenge on this game. 15 points is unacceptable. Fortunately, luck is the most important factor in success and they skated by continuing to play Division 1 basketball.

On to today’s pick…

If there’s two coaches I love it’s Danny and Bobby Hurley. The Hurley brothers exude pissed off erratic east coast swagger and play a style I like to call clown ball. They recruit flashy players that like to score and rarely play defense. Yesterday, Danny’s UCONN Huskies put up 103 points on Central Connecticut while Bobby’s Sun Devils put 94 points against Rhode Island.

Tonight I’m expecting more of the same. I’m keyed in on Arizona State vs Villanova. Specifically the game over 154.5 and Arizona State Team Total Over 74.5. Arizona State is lead by Remy Martin a stud point guard and all time college basketball name only a true alcoholic parent could give a child only topped by Courvoisier McCauley.

This team scores a lot and gives up a lot. It’s why I’m doubling up. Lock it in Arizona State Team Total Over 74.5 and the game over 154.5.

Let’s get back to 60%

Just the Tip’s Record Against the Spread: 57-42


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