Just the Tip – November 25, 2020 (Oakland vs Xavier)

I’m not in a position to post a clip popping off this morning due to prior obligations selling refurbished treadmills. Don’t get mad at me, get mad at Bowflex HQ. After floundering around for a couple of weeks trying to bet college football we’re back with the cash cow that was printing money faster than the federal reserve before coronavirus took the game away.

Yes, I’m talking about college basketball.


Long time followers know, we have one rule around here. It’s very simple. If you can’t score, you can’t play division 1. This year I’m setting the line at 30 points. Teams that can’t score 30 points a half should be demoted to D2.

Fans want to see scoring. I believe 30 points is a very fair benchmark for scoring per half for any conference in America. It’s why on Day 1 of the season I’m keyed in on Oakland University 1st Half Team Total 28.5.

This is an official challenge to Greg Kampe and the Golden Grizzlies. Show me that you belong.

Oakland University 1st Half TT Over 28.5 lock it in

Let’s ride back to 60%

Just the Tip’s Record ATS: 55-40

Pop Off

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