Just the Tip – November 25, 2020 (Fairfield vs Providence)

Game 1 was absolutely disgusting. An incompetent, pathetic effort from the Golden Grizzlies. I think the second half team total over 39.5 is a steal for Xavier. That is a bonus bet you should be locking in.

Game 2…

Big time college basketball name

Big time quote

It’s time we give Fairfield the PopOffBaby.com Division 1 30 point test.

Lock it in.

Fairfield 1H Team Total Over 24.5

If Supreme Cook and the boys have any shot at making the NCAA tournament they’re simply going to have to score 25 points per half. It’s science. Lock it in.

Just the Tip’s Record ATS: 55-41

Fairfield 1H TT Over 24.5

Xavier 2H TT Over 39.5


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