Just the Tip – July 22, 2020 (Sacramento Kings vs Miami Heat)

Play the music baby. GOOD VIBRATIONS. Got a nice win to kick off the NBA bubble preseason shooting off a flyer bet on LA Clippers Team Total 97.0 at halftime and I feel great about tonight’s game between the Kings and the Heat.

I like this game for one reason and it’s that Jimmy Butler is one of the biggest hardos in the NBA. I’m confident after seeing mental midgets throughout the league cry about the accommodations in their 5 star hotel bubble that the NBA has gotten so soft the only guys that will succeed in bubble conditions are the psychos.

Chris Haynes reported that the anonymous snitch hotline was called on Jimmy Butler to report a noise complaint because he was dribbling a basketball on the hotel floor late into the night.

Jimmy’s playing chess while everyone is playing checkers. The grind never stops. It’s undeniably annoying to be staying in a hotel where you can hear someone dribbling but those extra dribbles could be the differences between wins and losses. While your favorite player is crying about boxed lunches on instagram, Jimmy Butler is working. This should come as a shock to no one who is aware of his friendship with Marky Mark Wahlberg.

If you’re friends with Mark Wahlberg you have to hang out on his schedule, and Marky Mark’s schedule is a wet dream for LinkedIn productivity porn Gary Vee wannabes everywhere. Look at this.

Up at 2:30 AM and working out by 3:40 AM. That’s the kind of workout schedule that’s going to piss off and rattle everyone’s cage sleeping in the bubble. Do you think a snitch hotline is going to stop Jimmy Butler? You’re wrong.

Sidenote: I love Mark’s 30 minutes of golf. Always great to get in two holes a day.

Outside, of Butler’s hardo work ethic he inherited from Marky Mark, fellow Heat member Meyers Leonard has been dominating the bubble in chugging contests.

Crushing beers is an easy way to ease the mind during quarantine and an even better way to establish a strong culture of alpha energy in the bubble.

On the other side of the court, the Kings are arguably having the worst time in the bubble of any team in the association. After Richaun Holmes was the first player in the league to step outside of the campus line to grab delivery food, key players De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley tweaked injuries during practice and won’t be participating in today’s scrimmage.

I would never wish injury on a team I’m wagering against but I do believe in karma. And when you don’t follow the bubble rules, bad things happen. I’m talking about players mom embarrassing them and possibly injuries.

The depth chart tells the whole story at it’s why I’m locked in on the Heat at -4.5. Hardo culture prevails in the bubble. Let’s ride.

Miami Heat -4.5

Just the Tip’s Record ATS: 30-18

Let’s stay hot!!!!!

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