My New Fav Trend

I absolutely love this. This is my new favorite trend. I can’t get enough of dumb athletes and celebrities like Dwyane Wade cherry picking which causes they want to support, generally speaking in absolutely absurd absolute statements before making an obvious hypocritical misstep exposing them for the no integrity hypocrites they are before putting up some half hearted apology.

It’s really poetic justice at this point in 2020. D-Wade’s like two tweets away from saying he’s a “work in progress” and still “educating himself.”

The moral of the story remains the same. You have to be absolutely sure your real opinions/arguments have zero holes in them before posting them online especially if they’re attached to your real name. For 99% of the people online this means never doing it. Never expressing a real opinion. Your sole online existence should just be retweeting funny jokes/videos and occasionally adding a funny antidote of your own.

Last night I violated this code. I gave my real opinions on this garbage story the New York Times wrote about the alleged deceptive marketing strategies Robinhood uses to lure in traders while citing the story of a “victim” who lost all of his money trading he obtained through *checks notes* credit card advances and home equity loans. It had me hot but no one gives af and they shouldn’t.

Remember this, no opinions online unless they’re absolute money and original. That should be the golden rule for just about every single person online. Be seen and not heard and always when in doubt POP OFF.

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