Just the Tip – July 9, 2020 (Armored Athlete vs Overseas Elite)

Boom! Another win big win yesterday with Red Scare covering. Am I going to quit? Of course not, we’re going back to the TBT well where I’ve started to heat up. There’s not much to say here so I’m going to keep it very simple. The Overseas Elite are the class of the TBT Tournament. Up until last year where they were upset by Carmen’s Crew, Overseas Elite had won 4 straight championships. They added Pistons great and 7 time NBA all star “Iso Joe” Johnson to their team that was already loaded with proven overseas pros some of which you’ve probably heard of like Frank Nitty who’s lit up NBA skells like Denvel Valentine in the Drew League for years.

On the other side you have Armored Athlete. Simply put, they’re total amateurs who have never sniffed a TBT Title. In game one Armored Athlete put on a performance that has me licking my chops when this line came out. They were basically my ideal team in game 1. They scored a ton of points while giving up a ton of points to a bad team.

Overseas Elite might score one hundred points in this game and absolutely run them out of the gym. It’s why I’m keyed in on the over 157.5.

I’d lock this in now because I’d expect it to move quickly over 160. Yesterday a bunch of my skell followers were texting me at halftime of the Red Scare game when they were down pissed that their line moved from the +1.5 I posted to upwards of -3. First off, don’t friggin doubt me. Secondly, I ask my followers simple questions. Is it my fault you don’t have as fast of a trigger as me? Is it my fault you’re not hawking lines on bovada like a friggin vulture? Is it my fault you don’t have twitter notifications to have your phone ringing every time I open my mouth or drop a pick on twitter?

I’m innocent on all counts.

Lock it in now.

Armored Athletes/Overseas Elite Over 157.5

Just the Tip’s Record ATS: 30-17

Let’s stay hot!!!!!

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