Just the Tip – July 8, 2020 (Red Scare at Big X)

POP OFF. We’re back. Credit to Boeheim’s Army for covering -5.5 as Just the Tip moves to 29-17. Jim Valvano once said in his famous ESPYs speech we should do three things every day of our life; laugh, think and cry.

*very adam sandler uncut gems voice*


In my opinion, a full day consists of three things. Winning a bet (we did), winning money playing online blackjack (i did ) and having Chainlink skyrocket to the moon (we did). Yesterday we had a full day, and by the looks of this morning’s charts we are in a very very good position for another very full day.


Onto the pick…

Today I’m back to the well in the TBT Tournament and am keyed in on Red Scare vs Big X which tips at 2:00 PM EST giving the people an early afternoon winner. In today’s TBT matchup I’m liking Red Scare. I’ll preface this by saying I was hesitant to take this pick for a number of reasons.

Number 1, the name of the team. As a diehard Cumboi, it’s hard for me to support a team that bears the same name as the podcast that’s hosted by the woman who broke, Adam “The Bug” Friedland’s heart. It worries me and has my antenna’s up but we’re not a bunch of bunch of dumbasses with shoe polish all over our dunks like Phil Margera and we’re not going to let a coincidence get in the way of a good bet. The odds that any alums of the Dayton Basketball team are listening to “Red Scare,” the cultural commentary podcast hosted by two dumb chicks from Brooklyn is slim to none.

Number 2, Big X is made up of Big Ten alumni and I am a Big Ten alum. By association I should be pulling for Big X. But once you take a look at the rosters and know the team is led by Andrew Dakich and Nick “Wingstop, Fat Boi need a Ten Piece” Ward you would need your head examined to pull for this squad of jokers. Big X almost lost to a D2 alumni team in game number 1. Long time followers of “Just the Tip” know I’ve been advocating to relegate teams from the Big Ten (Purdue) to Division 2 for failing to score 30 points in a half all of last season. Per usual, I am right. The TBT proved most of these suckers are D2 caliber based on the scoreboard. Big Ten skells will call me Benedict Arnold for betting against Big X but they forgot most of Red Scare were recruited (unconfirmed) by the best coach in the Big Ten, Archie Miller. Last time I checked Archie Miller won the last game ever played in the Big Ten. With a second wave of corona virus threatening this season there may never be another Big Ten game played let alone a Big Ten Tournament leaving Archie Miller on top of the standings as the last winner in Big Ten history. Sorry haters, that’s just how it works. You win the last game of the season, you go out on top. Have you ever watched the Super Bowl? This is literally the same thing.

I expect Red Scare to follow Archie Miller’s trend today as they go out on top. I’m letting my doubts dictate my pick with today’s “Bobby Knight: The Power of Negative Thinking” lock of the day as I’m locking in Red Scare +1.5. This is easy money. Let’s keep rolling.

Red Scare +1.5

Just the Tip’s Record ATS: 29-17

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