Yesterday, was not the greatest day to be the bag behind the bag. At the beginning of June I began interviewing for a front line management role within Bowflex HQ. Last week, I was offered the position and almost immediately began the internal job transfer process. My most loyal followers know, this was a big deal for me. I’ve been interviewing for many jobs, internally and externally, over the past couple years with most of my efforts failing to find a role that had the compensation benefits and added responsibilities I was looking for. This role had both. Almost instinctively, I went to YouTube and started making every single L Bag video private. As far as I was concerned, it was the end times and I had one mission to erase years of bad decisions (in the eyes of corporate america aka losers) on the internet. Simply put, I didn’t see a world where I could manage a team of reps with videos of me online screaming about bets. I couldn’t imagine being a entry level sales rep and finding videos like that of my own manager and figured it would be in my best interest to remove the videos and effectively find a new route to post my picks with virtually every sport starting in the next month.

I want to be very clear to my followers who need me for supplemental income, I was not going to disappear following the success of “Just the Tip.” Merely, I was going to find a less obnoxious avenue to post winners since we were hitting at about a 60% winning mark prior to the rona virus shutting down sports.

This all brings me to yesterday where I learned Bowflex HQ was blocking my promotion due to a hiring freeze that was implemented within my organization. I’m not here to bitch and complain that it’s total BS and is slowing down the development of my career. That’s not what I’m about. What am here to say is that just like Michael Scott it’s “Snip-Snap” time. Temporarily L Bag is back. Hopefully we can find some kind of creative workaround to get around this corporate BS to “Snip-Snap” our way back to management. But for now. L Bag is here to stay.

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