Just the Tip – July 7, 2020 (Men of Mackey vs Boeheim’s Army)

No video today as I addressed in “Snip-Snap.” Temporarily, as things are sorted out internally at Bowflex HQ I will not have videos. I’m also away from my studio apartment mansion in Boston and I do not have a green screen with me. This will have to do. Full disclosure tread lightly with this pick, I just want to feel something today. I have been cold as ice gambling ever since the corona virus took away “Just the Tip” and it’s time to get back in the winner’s circle. I’ve lost way more than I’d like on the UFC on separate weekends before winning a marginal amount of money on a FanDuel Golf DFS lineup before donating it all back in the Bovada casino like an idiot. This afternoon our luck changes.

I saw this tweet and was pissed I didn’t jump on this line right away. I got it at -5.5 on Bovada just now. It’s been a horrible summer to be a Purdue Boilermaker and I expect that to continue this afternoon. Elon Musk launched a rocket that some are saying is better than the rocket proud Boilermaker Neil Armstrong landed on the moon (fake) with. Drew Brees came out with a horrible anti-Kaepernick take where he said players should still respect the flag during the national anthem during a period of civil unrest where multiple police officers murdered unarmed black Americans precisely what players like Kaepernick were originally protesting. Matt Painter went on Dan Dakich’s radio show to bitch about players transferring after he lost Matt Haarms and Nojel Eastern in the same offseason. It’s been an ugly time to be a boilermaker but at least they have that drum.

I don’t know anything about the TBT tournament but I do know trends and that trend of Boilermaker failure is one I’m planning to follow. We have sports coming back very soon. It’s time to get back on the horse and put money back in my follower’s pockets continuing “Just the Tip’s” trend of winning picks.

Lock it in.

Boeheim’s Army -5.5

Just the Tip’s Record ATS: 28-17

Play the Music from Syracuse’s finest J-Money

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