Dinwiddie Knows Best

Play the friggin scene baby POP OFF. Music to my ears. “I didn’t want to be an innovator. I just wanted to make the quick and easy buck. I just wanted in.” Luckily for the followers of PopOffBaby.com we can be both. Innovators AND a bunch of bags making money hand over fist. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times the answer for us is LINK. The tech and use cases already in place speak for themselves. I’ll be the first one to say it, I don’t understand most of it. It’s why I have a crypto guy to understand it for me. If you wanted to take a real deep dive and immerse yourself in all things LINK I’d go back and read their founder Sergey Nazarov and the company’s Medium pages along with exploring their website and countless resources available on reddit.

Smart contracts are absolute fire and likely our gateway to new heights. I don’t want much. I hate selling re-furbished treadmills. I’m really good at it (Number One Refurbished Bowflex Salesman in North America) but I still hate it. This is our way out. This is our Uncut Gems three-way parlay. I don’t want much.

I want a house in a warm climate, likely Las Vegas suburbs, with a pool in the backyard, basketball net in the driveway, 8 TVs and a sick wifi connection.

Man child shit. I want my house to look like a Buffalo Wild wings.

A very attainable dream I could attain without a Uncut Gems three-way parlay. Fortunately for us, there’s an easier way and we can get there faster with LINK.

Last night I fell out of gaming chair when I saw this tweet (yes, my gaming chair matches my race car bed, ask your girlfriend about it she loves my set up and it gets her engine going from 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds like a corvette engine baby POP OFF)

You truly love to see it. After listening the podcast episode below, I knew Dinwiddie was a forward thinking guy where he discussed restructuring his contract as well as starting his own independent shoe company K8IROS but this is next level.

I’ve yet to see another current NBA player talking about LINK. The tweet makes me even more upset that my Pistons relegated him to Grand Rapids to roll with Steve Blake before ultimately letting him go. I would kill for the Pistons to have a starting point guard who also doubles as LINK guy.

It’s simple, all the great minds are coming together and all signs point towards LINK. Toss some in your portfolio ASAP baby.

I’m going to be in the Las Vegas dessert bagging and I don’t want to hear any bags crying about it if LINK ultimately truly pops off to it’s full potential.

I also loved this reply to Spencer’s tweet. An absolute fire picture. LINK to the moon baby. POP OFF.

Also listen to this song, absolute Billy Joel We Didn’t Start the Fire Flames baby POP OFF

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