Wake Up With “Posters” by Elah Hale

Yesterday, I was looking through the extensive advanced analytics that WordPress provides for me and my dozens of followers and noticed PopOffBaby.com is reaching into new, untouched markets. Friggin Morocco baby POP OFF. Who would’ve guessed that?

Needless to say, if I have the world watching I have to up my content output and figured I’d get back into the blog game. Like the video game, the blog game is very much a rhythm game and I need to get back into my rhythm.

I have to become a high volume shooter like my man JR Smith. Under quarantine conditions with no real supervision at Bowflex HQ there’s pretty much no excuse for me to not be pumping out fire flames blogs and videos at a rip roaring pace to create new avenues for this website after the bitch ass corona virus stripped away “Just the Tip” when every single sports league cancelled or postponed their respective seasons. (which I’m fired up about right now in the moment but tomorrow I probably won’t be, sorry false promises are just part of the L Bag experience)

What’s the easiest way to do that? Doing low effort “Wake Up” blogs. (shoutout barstool sports)

Today, I’m introducing you to Elah Hale and her song “Posters.”

Ever since, my buddy Max added this song into his playlist ‘Max’s Music Monday’s’ I’ve been addicted. (no free ads, but he’s a friend of the site, subscribe below)

It’s absolute hot Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Flames lava baby. I personally like the live version more than the music video but here’s the official music video. I can’t get enough.

Let’s have ourselves a Thursday baby POP OFF.

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