Just the Tip – February 19, 2020 (Auburn vs Georgia)

Welcome to Just the Tip ASMR edition. Why am i whispering? The walls in my one bedroom mansion are thin af and I don’t want to wake my neighbor. I’m a good neighbor keeping down the noise and a better neighborhood making you money. Sue me I redid the interior on my Porsche instead of buying quality insulation. I’ll be the first one to say it. This video sucks. Easily the worst JTT but I’m back on track and we’re going back to the well in the SEC. This is a early morning/late night edition because I’m working harder than the competition to make you money. Gordon Gecko once said “Money never sleeps and it definitely doesn’t play intramural basketball on Wednesday nights.” Consistent output means consistent money flowing into your pocket.

Auburn -3. Lock it in. You’ll thank me later.

Just the Tip Record ATS: 9-7.

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