Back in the Game

I’m sorry to let down the loyal tens of followers of this very website but today there will be no “Just the Tip” tonight. Yes, I know you’re probably thinking I’m running after I gave you a loser last night with Portland Team Total Over 110.5.

Don’t get made at me, get mad at Dame Lillard and his boyz for putting up 10 points in the second quarter. I don’t know for certain but that has to be one of the lowest single team point totals for a quarter this season in the association. Water always finds it level, and the Trailblazers weren’t going to be hot forever. Sadly, I led my loyal followers to the wrong side of that wager. I don’t want to see any bitching in the comment section because if you’re a professional like myself, there were multiple hedge opportunities with the game over to pull yourself back into profitability. You have no excuses to walk away from the game in the red, even with a shitty pick from yours truly.

The reality is, I’m not running. I never run from anyone, especially a bet. I’m suiting up tonight for an intramural basketball game. I haven’t shot a basketball in about 2 years so this could get ugly.

Vegas has an opening line set for your boi at Over/Under 4.5 points. I’d advise you to take the under. I’m going in with the mentality that I’m firing an outside shot the first chance I get but if it misses I’m going full playmaker, behind the backs, no-look passes, setting up my teammates like Steve Nash. I’m not here to stuff the stat sheet, I’m here to win ball games and if that means I don’t shoot, then I’ll play my role.

We put together an office basketball team at Bowflex HQ filled with 8 shlubby white guys and one guy that was a 4 star recruit wide receiver at Pitt. I told him I’m tossing him an alley oop tonight. I’ve never thrown an alley opp before.

Back in the day, when I advised this site to go all in on Under Armour stock, I bought a pair of basketball shoes to show my commitment to the brand. The shoes performed worse than the stock if that’s even believable. Sold the shoes on eBay to some sucker so I’m going to be playing in running shoes like an asshole. Pray for my ankles.

Point blank, I’ve got no idea how this game is going to go but I’m playing to win. No prisoners. We’re going full recreational hardo.

“Just the Tip” will be back tomorrow. If you’re upset about that. Well…

I’ve got two words for you…


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