A Lesson from Steven Adams

I’m really happy Steven Adams added that he reached out to Kevin Durant on Facebook because it teaches the kids at home an important lesson. If Facebook Messenger is your first mode of communication to reach out to virtually anyone you’re not that close of friends. Let’s be honest you’re barely friends at all and they owe you nothing.

Cry me a river Steven and POP OFF. If you were so tight with KD that you expected him to reach out maybe start out by having your teammate’s phone number.

That’s it.

That’s the blog. Moral of the story. If you’re turning to Facebook Messenger for anyone as your first option to communicate with them you just don’t know them that well and you should pop right off if you think they owe you anything. I’d be pissed to even get the notification since I’m sure at this point Facebook is so desperate for pageviews they’re going to email you, erect a billboard next to your job reminding you some messaged you, send a push notification and carrier pigeon to your house to get you to log back into their sorry excuse for a Website. Lick my bag Zuckerbag. Actively using Facebook at all, is a red flag for me at this point.

Plus, look at KD’s face and tell me he doesn’t hate this guy. Everyone knows that black people LOVE it when white people touch their hair.

Cue the music:

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