Who’s Mans???

Every suburban white town has a couple of these guys. And believe it or not, I happened to be one of them. Yes folks, L Bag himself used to put up hack attempts at rapping. I’m not proud to say it but it happened. Even went mega viral once, google search “Crank that Louisville” or “NoParking23.”

Slam poetry sucks. First and foremost. I don’t really understand it or get the appeal. It’s a really boring art form to me. If you’re going to write some rhymes at least find a beat or something.

But holy shit JJ, this is the worst shit I’ve ever heard.

“Son I made the sky blue”

“Im the inspiration for Martin Luther King, Im the reason Ray Charles can sing.”

JJ coming in hut with some biblical bars for the fellaz. When people talk about the greats of NBA rappers we always hear the same names. Damian Lillard, Allen Iverson, Lance Stephenson but it’s time to put JJ up there with greats.

Now that he’s in New Orleans the people need him photoshopped onto a No Limit Album cover.



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