She Gawn

Yesterday, shocking news hit the airwaves as the Dallas Wings announced they had waived 17th Overall draft pick, 2019 National Player of the Year Megan Gustafson. With the Wings recently picking up Isabelle Harrison and Imani McGee-Stratford in separate trades, new Head Coach Brian Agler decided to go with experience over youth. Wings GM Greg Gibb commented “That made it more difficult for Megan to have a spot… We decided that we’d be best served going with a collection of post players who had more experience.”

Every year, this happens. A highly touted college player fails to make a roster prior to the regular season starting. Iowa fans are pissed online and I don’t blame them. I am Indiana Women’s Basketball fan and I was pissed last year when Tyra Buss didn’t make the Sun roster. It happens. Just extremely shocking to see it happen to a national player of the year.

The WNBA continues to be one of the hardest jobs in the world to land, even when a team hand picks you in a draft.

I’m confident Gustafson will land on her feet on another roster that needs post-depth particularly Connecticut or Indiana but only will time will tell.

Until then, POP OFF


Cue the music.


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