Does This Look Like the Face of a Man Living in an AirBNB With No Windows for a Month?

So I mentioned in the State of the Union, that I recently moved into an AirBNB due to a stop-gap in my leases. I’m here for a month and after a week in I have no idea what I got myself into.

Overall, the house is great. Nice set-up in a quiet neighborhood, easier commute to Bowflex HQ, lotta matches on tindy. Seemed too good to be true till I checked in and realized this.

No windows. This is the set-up, it’s just me in the basement holed up. It’s been well documented on this site that I’m a total bag that doesn’t like to do much else rather than pop edibles and watch the WNBA. But goddamn, it’s a character guys my life isn’t that depressing. Living in a windowless AirBNB might push me over the edge to a dark dark bag state of mind.

You can probably noticed I’ve got the two screens going ripping WNBA preseason footage to cut up for the YouTube. I’m in the lab, holed up making content. Going to be a furious 4 weeks down here cranking my fleshlight and pounding out content.

The hosts of the unit are two women (mother and a daughter). If you don’t think I’ve been shooting off a ton of very specific porn searches on xvideos for “african mother daughter tag team a white guy” then you don’t know me. Ever since I moved in the porn wheels in my brain have been spinning that maybe they’ll offer me some kind of alternate payment method but like most relationships with women nothing sexually will happen.

Anyways, I haven’t seen day light in approx. 12 hours and I’m about to hit the links. This is a yearly tradition where I get on the course, say this is the year I’m going to conquer golf then not play another round for 2 months and wonder why I still suck.

If you’re a hardo that wants to give me unsolicited swing advice, I’ve got two words for you…



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