5/7/19 State of the Union

So I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while but I want my loyal followers of PopOffBaby.com to know I have not forgotten them and update them on what’s going on. I completed a move yesterday and am very deep into the last month of Bowflex’s fiscal year. Needless to say, times are very busy for your buddy.

I moved out of my apartment yesterday in Revere, MA and was shockingly sentimental about the move. I moved to the area three years ago knowing no one. There were highs and lows during my three years in Revere but overall it was a good experience.

I recently opened up a second domain at PaulWalkerMemorialCup.com where I have been documenting some #content for my fantasy football league. I trashed @THERUNDOWN and people who post shitty motivational podcasts but clichés aside, I’m confident this summer will be a big summer of change.

I have two goals focusing on my health and focusing on growing PopOffBaby.com. The WNBA cucked me recently locking up their League Pass site not allowing me to backlog highlights for becoming the number one repository for WNBA highlights on YouTube will likely fail. Fingers crossed, they continue to archive games like they used to do or the goal of becoming the number one center for WNBA highlights will likely fail in the upcoming year. We’re about two weeks away from the start of the season and I’m excited as can be.

For the time being, the goals for the site are to continue to expand with more blogs and WNBA YouTube videos. Due to my current living situation, it will likely be difficult to film videos like “Just the Tip.”

It’s time to crank things up once and for all and if you aren’t ready for the storm that’s brewing I have two words for you…



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