Is the State Basketball League Serious With this Team Name???

I opened up bovada this morning to check out the opening playoff basketball lines to do some preliminary research for Just the Tip Episode 2 that will dropping Saturday and I think I found my new favorite team.

I click to the basketball page where they have all these live lines up for random international games going on right now and I stumbled upon this.

The Cockburn Fucking Cougars baby. What a team name. If you don’t think I’m on Cockburn -5.5 then you don’t know me. I’m officially pledging allegiance to the Cockburn Cougars baby and I hope they cover because I’m going to make a trip to the Bowflex HQ bathroom where I’m going to celebrate by making my cock burn cranking it to some cougar porn baby. I am all in on Australian Basketball and the State Basketball League now that I know they’re MILF guys like me. Not only is this a Cockburn Cougars fansite but it is also a Brandi Love fan site. If you’re not a Brandi Love guy I’ve got two words for you….



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