Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it?

What a roller coaster of a day yesterday was, as some of you might have heard. Started off normal enough with the 2 hour commute. By mid morning I’d nearly necked myself with the sales floors BowFlex Xtreme2 SE Home Gym after hearing of my boss’s latest commission check. Simultaneous intervention by LBag and my recurring thoughts of PopOffBaby readers starving for the truth about crypto eventually talked me down.

By late afternoon I’d sold my 401K, and hyper-converged all assets I could find into my coin-folio. No joke, last years commissions, the baseball cards, my old sweaters, I’ll sell my mother if someone would buy her. I’m even living in LBags condo complex in my Sprinter van for fucks sake. The things we do to accumulate coins.

Only things that got me down off of that BowFlex pulley was the Head of Crypto offer here at PopOffBaby.com and the t-shirt commission rates are pretty good too I guess (Buy Here – https://bit.ly/2G4eqdx). Personally, in hard times I find I often turn to Kanye for leadership.

“It’s about while I was here on Earth what did I do to help”

Quickly realizing this is my calling, as clearly serendipity brought me to this community of WNBA aficionados, g league fans, degenerate gamblers, coin bags, and other weirdos. If you want to make some fucking money stick around because this is LIFE OR DEATH for ZKTruths and gods can’t die. More to come.

“Would you believe in what you believe in if only you believed it?

Well I do, and if you don’t, then I’ve got two words for ya. POP OFF
– ZKTruths


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