Introducing: ZKTruths


So I was walking around the office today at Bowflex HQ and I heard some noise in our main show room. Thank god there were no customers around. My man ZK was trying to hang himself on one of our units like freaking Chris Benoit baby.

I’ve known ZK my whole time at Bowflex. We started together. I practically taught the guy how to dial a phone and cold call. He still uses some of my patented scripts to this day. Eventually he moved to a new division of the company managing college new hires in our Bowflex Business Development program while I made sales history.

Seriously, I had a rough day today, only sold a dozen units, I knocked on our CEOs door and told him “hey chief what do ya say we change the name of this place to BagFlex?” He hasn’t gotten back to me but he also hasnt said no yet so it’s still possible.

Anyways, back to ZK, I stopped him. Saved him from hanging himself and more importantly damaging a perfectly refurbished Bowflex and asked him whats wrong?

“Bro have you seen CoinMarketCap today, Chainlink is down 2.6%???”

“ZK” I told him

“I have the perfect place for you, welcome to PopOffBaby.com the number one internet headquarters for all things WNBA, Crypto Currency and G-League related. Let’s untangle ourselves and you can pop off about Chainlink on there.”

So ZK is officially on the team. Credit to me for saving a life and giving someone a job, not a big deal. ZK’s liquidated his entire 401k and put it all into crypto. He’ll be here to pop off about all things crypto, Bowflex HQ or really anything he wants to. I want my tens of readers to welcome ZKTruths to the team and maybe buy a fucking t shirt so I can pay this guy a salary so we can pull him out of the misery of working for BowFlex HQ and bring him on full-time at PopOffBaby.com.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 2.42.00 PM



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