Welcome to the Number 1 Repository for WNBA Highlights

Loyal PopOffBaby.com readers have probably noticed the new “WNBA” tab on the website’s homepage. I’m currently working on PopOffBaby’s newest venture building out the number one repository for WNBA Highlights on YouTube. I noticed that the WNBA does not upload spliced up highlights after every game to YouTube.

You’re probably asking yourself why wouldn’t they upload clips after every game? They should want to market themselves.

I asked myself the same question and decided to do something about it. If the WNBA does not want to market itself, I will do it for them. Always remember L Bag is not the hero the WNBA deserves, L Bag is the hero the WNBA needs. I will put this league on my back and carry it into the mainstream if I have to.

Listen to Tiffany Mitchell’s endorsement. This is the number one headquarters for the WNBA online and if you don’t like it, I’ve got two words for you. POP OFF.

I’m currently back dating last season but plan on having full highlights for the 2019 season as well. I’m going to be the FreeDawkins of the WNBA and if you don’t like it you can POP OFF.

Lot of WNBA content incoming.



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