Dwane Casey Gets It


I’m a big take internet rumors as truth and run with them guy and I love this gem on the Detroit Pistons sub-reddit about Dwayne Casey. The guy gets it. Money talks, bullshit walks. Pop Off Baby.

While Stan The Man Van Gundy was too busy stuffing his face with Hungry Howie’s during practice my guy Casey is hitting the players where it hurts, in their pockets. I fucking love this move. Peer pressure, humiliation and money are how I motivate people.

I can’t imagine being the guy that doesn’t box out during a free throw and forces the entire team to open up their wallets.

I pitched an idea at Bowflex HQ today my man Casey would love. I live walking distance to the hottest strip club in Revere, MA “The Squire.”


We have all these unused conference rooms all over the floor. What we’re going to do is hire a dancer, we’ll call her a “consultant” pay her a nice hourly wage. Every time someone sets a meeting they get a one song dance, every time somebody sets up a free trial three song dance, every time someone closes a deal 30 minutes champagne room baby POP OFF.

And now we’ll take a page out of Casey’s playbook. Every time you lose a deal you have to clean up the conference room. I close out a lot of deals so the champagnes rooms going to be bumping 24 hours, 7 days a week baby. POP OFF.


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