JetBlue is Single Handily Trying to Stop Me From Winning the DC Rock N Roll (half) Marathon



seriously, what the fuck JetBlue

Im a premium JetBlue Master card holder and a stock holder (not a big deal) and you fuck me. You;re single handily trying to stop me from winning the DC Rock N Roll (half) Marathon.

Adversity? Ever heard of it?

Well I have because I crush it every fucking day.

No training?

No sleep?


Going into today I was just trying to complete this race. Now I’m pissed off thirsting for blood with winning on my mind. When I get the 1st place medal Im walking down to the white house for a kiss from my girl AOC.

Scratch that,

I want a threesome with AOC and Melania Trump. Im not doing this for myself. Im not doing this (half) marathon for PopOffBaby.com, Im not doing this to win.

I;m doing this to unite the democratic and republican parties. Im bringing AOC and the Trumps together tonight. Im running for bipartianship in this fucking country.

Obama divided us. Trump destroyed us. Im here to save us.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself what are you doing???? I know Im trying to make this country better one stride at a time and if you doubt me I have two words for you.



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