Does This Look Like the Face of a Man About to Run a (Half) Marathon???


It’s marathon season baby. POP OFF. My adrenaline is flowing right now. In t-minus 24 hours I will have completed the Rock N Roll (Half) Marathon. I’m doing this for America and the troops. Will my heart explode? Probably. I got a cholesterol test back from the doc. Not good.


I’ve been reading articles all day today about P Diddy running the NYC marathon with two weeks of prep. I’ll be thinking about him all race since I’m on about 2 days of prep. Git your weight up Diddy Im about to make you look like an amateur. I roll out of bed and run (half) marathons.


I pitched this line to Bovada and I will keep you posted if we can get the line listed. If you bet the under I’ve got two words for ya.



I signed up for this two months ago thinking it’d be a good motivator to lose weight and unfortunately it hasn’t. I’ve continued to smoke weed and live like a complete mutant. The cholesterol test is pretty much the only reason why I haven’t completely said “fuck it” and are actually attempting this.

I don’t know how this is going to go but it’s going to be ugly.



Anthony Bourdain has a quote that was passed on to me and rattled me a little bit because it’s pretty on point for myself as well.


I don’t know how the marathon will go but afterwards things are to going to crank up around here and on the PopOffBaby youtube channel. WNBA season is right around the corner and it’s probably time I get off my ass and start giving the people what they want.


Cholesterol results were the kick in the ass I needed. No excuses baby. Enough of going of full bag. It’s to murder the marathon and POP OFF.


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