John Calipari Pulls Out Brittany Renner, You’re Move Archie Miller

This morning Jeff Rabjons reported on twitter that 5-star 2019 forward Keion Brooks visited Kentucky Saturday night and won’t make his Michigan State visit today. As an Indiana fan this rattles me. Being in Keion’s final five, it’s crucial the Hoosiers lock down Keion to help rectify our dumpster fire of a team.


Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 12.51.21 PM

What Jeff forgot to mention was that Brittany Renner was in the building last night.


This isn’t John Calipari’s first rodeo. You don’t get guys like John Wall and Boogie Cousins to commit to Kentucky without flying in a couple of models. I’m a connect-the-dots guy and Brittany Renner attending a Kentucky game and Keion subsequently cancelling visits is not a coincidence. Coach Cal is pulling out all the stops while the rest of the coaches are giving shitty tours of campus. I mean come on look at her, can you really blame Keion??? Cal is playing chess, while everyone else is playing checkers


All I’m saying is if Archie is serious about getting this guy he needs to get all the instagram models. We need a heavy hitter crew. Emily Ratajkowski, Abigail Ratchford fuck it get my personal favorite Sports Illustrated Cover Model Danielle Herrington whatever it takes.


(keep that one saved for a rainy day)

It’s time Archie to pull out all the stops, local sorority girls are not going to cut it. This isn’t “He Got Game” this is real life. If you don’t have a student manager organizing travel plans for models to Bloomington right now you’re simply not trying and can POP OFF.


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