De’Aaron Fox is Out on In-N-Out

Day one of my tenure in Kings nation and I couldn’t agree more with my point guard De’Aaron Fox. An all around correct take. Fuck In-N-Out.

In-N-Out sucks and I’ve got nothing positive to say about it. The signature item animal-house fries stink. Burgers are run-of-the-mill fast food burgers. Place couldn’t be more average. Bags only like it because influencers post it. Shit sucks. The west coast is good for many things but fast food is not one of them.

The mid-west has been a constant target of mine on @losingflabwithlbag but I dont trust anyones opinion on junk food not from the mid-west. If i want cool vegan restaurants, juice bars or asian-fusion spots I’ll head straight to LA. LA influencers on instagram don’t know shit about fast food and shouldn’t be moving the needle on the nation’s pulse on what’s good fast food. I hate the term #FakeNews and how dumbass boomers use it to counter-act any opinion they disagree with but if you’ve been thinking In-N-Out is fire you’ve been taking in some serious #FakeNews.

The mid-west knows Fast Food and luckily Sacramento is the midwest of California. Blue collar and built on grit. Here in Sacramento we know that In-N-Out is bag shit. I’d rather eat a sausage mcmuffin than a garbage In-N-Out burger and if you’ve got something to say about I’ve got two words for you baby.




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