Super Bowl Shower Curtains


Last night the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Immediately after the conclusion of the game an advertisement played for NFLShop.com advertising the new Locker Room edition Championship shirts the players were wearing on the field as the confetti came down. I drunk buy so much shit on the internet, I’m scared at the thought of what I’d be in the moment as the clock expires if the Lions ever win a Super Bowl.

Forget about the locker room T-Shirts that’s basic shit. Everybody gets those. I’d have a Lions Super Bowl umbrella, shower curtains and knife set. I buy so much random shit on eBay drunk it’s getting out of hand. I’m in a transition phase at my apartment. My leases ends in two months and have no idea where I’m moving next and the prospects aren’t great. With uncertainty around my career I don’t want to commit to a long lease anywhere and have rented a storage unit to hold all my furniture goods for the next 6-8 months while I figure out my next move before committing to a place more long term. My heart tells me the unit will be temporary and I will stop renting it once I buy a home, while my brain knows I’m keeping it forever to hold all my shit. #hoarderlyfe

I have friends from home that ask if Boston is buzzing and I have to confidently say it’s not. It’s a normal Monday. These motherfuckers are so jaded by winning it doesn’t even excite them anymore. These idiots probably haven’t taken the tags off their Red Sox locker room shirts and aren’t even looking at locker room shirts for the Pats. If the Lions, Pistons or Indiana University won a championship I’d have to take out a personal loan for all the dumb shit I’d buy to commemorate the achievement. Fortunately for me this problem will be very easy to avoid as none of my teams will ever win a championship and I’ll never have the opportunity to buy Super Bowl Shower curtains.


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